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Experience a piece of forgotten history

Arrival is a series of video games based on the Taino, an indigenous people of the Caribbean. The Taino have a fascinating history and are the people who introduced Europeans to rubber, hammocks, barbecues and the word for hurricanes.

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The Arrival series is focused on creating a unique and intriguing game experience while maintaining cultural and historical accuracy. We provide our players a chance to experience a fun and exciting piece of history that has been all but forgotten. We hope you enjoy exploring this world and discovering for yourself the beauty and strength of the Taino culture.

Did you know?

The Taino were ingenious in their farming techniques. They would plant their crops in mounds, which were nearly self-sustaining. This allowed them more time for other pursuits.

The photographs seen on this web site, as well as many others, can be purchased on different products at BorikenWarrior's Cafepress Store. You may also purchase the music (by clicking here) of the Arrival Game Series produced by Roberto Mukaro Borerro, president of the United Confederation of Taino People.

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